Remember To Take Care of Number One

  • By Florence Akpokodje
  • 15 Feb, 2016

How you can live healthily despite your busy schedules

Nutrition, after talent, is the biggest factor that afftects athletes in the modern world .” Nutritionist, Matt Lawson .
This blog is all about our health and how we can live healthily despite our busy schedules and day to day commitments

Taking care of Number One may mean different things to different people. To some it might be their car, shoes, hair, house etc. The list can go on and on forever.  Everyone is right by whatever they take to be their number one. What I am focusing on here is YOU. You are the number one after God, of course. 

The number one here is you and know for a fact that God created us. Remember, when God created Adam and Eve, He instructed them to tend the garden whilst God’s eyes were on them.  They did not have to care for anything concerning them, but just to tend the garden. Not quite long after that, the devil showed up in the nature of a serpent. The serpent made them to disobey God and since then sin came into the world through them. 

Through sin a lot of other mishaps including sicknesses and oh yes sicknesses came to man in different forms. The sin of man exposed him to all kinds of sicknesses. This is just one thing we contend with in our world today. God did intervene by giving us His only son. God has given man knowledge to find cure for a lot of these diseases; but man can only do so much. The responsibility therefore rests on us all to take care of ourselves.

So how do we take care of ourselves, being Number one? As said earlier on, Number One means different things to different people. We are all aware of how we can be obsessed with taking care of our cars, houses/homes, etc., by making sure they are in good shape, top form and standing strong. Most often than not, people who care so much about things do not care a hoot about their own body both internally and sometimes externally. I also know that we all are aware of the importance of taking care of one’s body is but just do not just care to know how or even if they should.  Surprisingly enough, some take lack of self-care to being selfless. Being selfless is a different thing entirely a different thing and cannot be covered within this part of our writing.

How do we do this? I mean, how do we take care of Number One? Some believe in eating well, a balanced diet and some exercises etc. These are absolutely fine, but often times we need more than this. We have had cases of people who eat well yet they feel and look sick from time to time. In terms of sizes, they may be too big, too small etc. The simple reason for this, brings about a question: how much of what is eaten actually gets properly absorbed into the blood stream to carry out the all too necessary function needed by the entire body system?

I will do my best to answer that question in the next post. Stay Tuned.

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