Taking care of Number One – Part 2

  • By Florence Akpopodje
  • 24 Mar, 2016

How you can live healthily despite your busy schedules

“Nutrition, after talent, is the biggest factor that affects athletes in the modern world”.   Nutritionist, Matt Lawson

We have looked at part 1 of this article last month.

We need to be sure the appropriate nutrients are present in our foods and are also absorbed into the body. This is necessary for our immune system which should be strong enough to fight off diseases. For this to be possible, it becomes necessary that we supplement our health.

There are countless varieties of supplements in the market but knowing what is good for you can be overwhelming. Before we lay our hands on any supplement it is important that we know the raw source and or what forms the base. It is always advisable that the source is natural and if not, then it is necessary to have a second thought about that supplement.

Research has shown that the power of some God given plants such as the Aloe Vera is far more than what we can imagine. This plant ( Aloe Vera ) is known from history as the medicine plant. Others refer to it as the Miracle Plant, Silent Healer, Wand of Heaven, Burn Plant etc. These names stem from the fact that it has numerous healing properties within it. As a burn plant, it has remarkable ability to relieve all kinds of burn pain even sun burns. Testimonials abound on this. Aloe can be drunk as the health tonic or applied topically. The cosmetic industry understands the power that is in Aloe Vera, hence, their products most often carry the tag ‘ with aloe vera ’ even though, most of these products which range from makeup, bathing products through to washing powder and detergents; often have just a drop of Aloe Vera in them –   Dr Peter Artherton . Aloe Vera, the true aloe is properly called  Aloe Barbadensis Miller . Medicinally, it is the most powerful of all the aloe varieties of which there are 350 in the world. It is in the family of onions, garlic and asparagus. Aloe thrives best where there are the right climate and conditions – sunny, dry places where there is no frost. Frost is aloe’s worst enemy. Aloe Vera has remained popular throughout history. The history of this plant dates back to more than 4000 years ago. It was first discovered in 1858 right in the days of Pharaoh Amen-Hotep. It was well known by the Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti, who were thought to have used aloes as part of their beauty regimes. Beauty starts from within and if the inside is not feeling good, it shows on the outside as time goes on.

Fresh vegetables or fruits made into smoothie - HealthWithWealth.org

Most of us focus more on the outside by wearing the best of apparels, perfumes, make-ups etc. In most cases it is to cover up the not so good feeling from the inner body. But please I am sorry to say that this can be likened to a case of a very good looking car from the outside but, with a very bad engine on the inside, the car is not going to go anywhere and it is therefore of no use unless it is repaired. If a car engine is not good at all the sound will be awful, output in terms of mobility is sometimes zero. As human beings, we should not wait until this happens.  It is, therefore, necessary to look good, feel good and sound good. This is absolutely necessary for a top performance in our different life endeavours.

Please note that there are different aspects of looking good, feeling and sounding good. This will be looked at, at a later date.

There was a time in my life when for a period of nearly 3 years I was constantly on painkillers due to constant body ache that resulted from my day to day hard work. These painkillers were helping me to sleep well at night. This was very important to me because whatever the case,  I must go to work every day. As a single mum then, I needed the job more than I needed my health. So the way I could help myself was to use all kinds of pain killers I could lay my hands on. I assume we all know the after or side effects of these analgesics. They sure do have their side effects but thank God it did not take its toll on me before I found a better and very natural remedy – products with 100% Aloe Vera in them.

Watch out for part 3.

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